Whatever Next? Bears … on a Pedalo!

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 Bears take a ride on Swan Pedalo at Woburn Safari Park

… is there room for one more!

(photograph credit Woburn Safari Park)

The group of bears, also known as a sleuth, crowded on to the watercraft

“Hold up – do you know how to drive this thing?”

These black bears wasted no time clambering on to a swan pedalo when it appeared in their enclosure at Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire.

Keeper Tommy Babbington added the quirky paddle boat to keep the animals entertained after a large pool of water formed at the site during the recent wet weather.

“It was great fun for visitors to see them climb on board,” he said.

The black bear is the most common bear in the forests of North America – where it is unlikely they are gifted giant plastic watercraft.

They can grow up to 1.9m (6ft 3in) long and weigh up to 300kg (47 stone).

“We love devising new ways to provide food, scent and habitat enrichment that stimulates their natural foraging behaviours,” added Mr Babbington.

“There’s been so much wet weather this year that a new mini lake has formed in the black bears’ drive-through, so we had the idea of turning this into interesting enrichment for them.

“The sleuth of bears was immediately intrigued by their new neighbour and wasted no time in investigating the swan paddle boat.”

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The bears certainly seem to enjoy this, I would have liked to see it in person … from a safe distance of course!

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