The Low Carb Diabetic: Earth Day 2024

Today 22 April is Earth Day and every year, millions of people across the globe gather on Earth Day to celebrate the environmental movement.

The event began in 1970 in the United States, and is now marked around the world.

What is happening for Earth Day 2024?

The 2024 theme, “Planet vs. Plastics”, aims to raise awareness of the harms of plastic pollution for human and planetary health.

Previous events have covered a range of environmental issues, from climate change and clean energy to protecting species and the benefits of tree planting.

This year’s focus comes ahead of an historic UN treaty on plastics, which is expected to be agreed by the end of 2024.

More than 50 countries, including the UK, have called for an end to plastic pollution by 2040.

But the organisers of Earth Day want to go further, and are calling for a 60% reduction in the production of all plastics by 2040.

Organisers have suggested that people could volunteer for a clean-up event or learn more about the damage done by plastic pollution.

Here are some tips for Reducing Plastic Waste

You already know that plastic waste poses a massive threat to the planet’s health. It’s hard to avoid plastic entirely, but there are ways to reduce your plastic use and the amount you put in the landfills.

1. Use reusable shopping bags and produce bags. Bags made from hemp or organic cotton are ideal, but also reuse whatever plastic bags you already have in your home.

2. Stop using plastic bag and containers to store food. Opt for glass, metal, and silicone instead. Repurpose your clean mayo jars to make salads, store nuts, and more.

3. Get biodegradable kitchen garbage bags. They usually cost a bit more per bag, but it’s a small investment in sustainability.

4. Buy loose leaf tea. A 2019 study concluded that tea bags can be a hidden source of microplastic pollution. At least check to make sure your favourite tea comes in plastic-free bags.

Remember To Recycle!
Do all you can to recycle and always take advantage of your municipal recycling programme.

Do please share any tips you may have on how to reduce plastic waste in the comments. 

There is more to read about Earth Day here

Enjoy your day.

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