The Low Carb Diabetic: Aprils Birth Flower : The Daisy

We have quite a few family (and friends) birthdays in April and here in the UK it can be a lovely spring-time month. If you were born in April you are blessed with two birth flowers, daisies and fragrant sweet peas.

Daisies are everywhere, popping up along roadsides, in fields, and gardens, and they are popular for playing the classic “he loves me, he loves me not” game.

Sweet peas’ with their colourful petals cluster at the ends of long stems, fill the air with the delightful scent of spring.

This post shares some facts about the Daisy, a post about sweet peas will follow shortly.

Did you know!

Technically, a daisy flower head is not just one flower but actually two in one. The central cluster, called the disc floret, is distinct from the surrounding petals, which is called the ray.Daisies are safe to eat and can be used as garnish or incorporated into salads or soups. The raw leaves can also be eaten, but they could leave a bitter taste in your mouth.You’re not wrong if you think daisies look like miniature sunflowers. Both flowers belong to the same large family called Asteraceae.Daisies are tough plants capable of adapting to different habitats. As a result, they flourish everywhere on the globe except Antarctica.

On April 18, 2009, 331 people gathered on an Italian TV show to play the world’s largest game of “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” with daisies.

This flower gets its name “daisy” from the Old English term daes eag, meaning “day’s eye.” This comes from its behaviour of shutting its petals at night and unwrapping them in the morning.

Bees love daisies, so you’re likely to find them buzzing around fields of this flower. The flat arrangement of daisy petals makes it easy for the bees to access the pollen they use for food.Daisies were traditionally used to make herbal medicines for colds. Modern studies have revealed that these humble plants contain almost as much vitamin C as lemons, which could help fight a cold.Over 20,000 daisy species exist, and they come in various colours, including pink, yellow, white, and blue.

Daisies are the official flowers of the fifth wedding anniversary. They are also said to represent purity and innocence.

I hope you enjoyed this reading this post. You may now like to read this one about ‘Some Foods In Season During April’ which also has some recipe suggestions – see here

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