The 2024 Boat Race … will it be Oxford or Cambridge ?

From as far back as I can remember ‘The Boat Race’ was always a must watch sports event in our family, it was part of our family tradition… my dad was always a firm Oxford Fan … my dear mum always used to support Cambridge – the event was a great family time to share, cheer, commiserate but it was always a time when we were together and for some reason no other sporting event had quite the same effect. I’ve never stopped to analyse why this was. Dear Mum and Dad are no longer with us, but I just know they will be looking down on Saturday 30th March 2024 as this years boat race is due to start … 

Did you know!

‘The Boat Race was first raced by crews from Oxford and Cambridge University in 1829 and is now one of the world’s oldest and most famous amateur sporting events. 

The Boat Race takes place in London on the famous Championship Course that stretches over 4.25 miles of tidal Thames in West London between Putney and Mortlake.

Unfortunately this year there is concern about the sewage in the Thames, and the high levels of E Coli in the water. Earlier this week, the organisers of the Boat Race issued safety guidance for Saturday’s race, warning rowers against entering the water and to cover open wounds. 

The Boat Race is regularly attended by over 250,000 spectators at the banks of the river and watched by millions more on television.

2024 will see the 169th Men’s Boat Race and the 78th Women’s Boat Race.’

Cambridge lead the men’s series 86-81, with one recorded dead heat, and have a 47-30 advantage in the women’s series.

I do hope all goes well for the race.

these are old photographs showing a win

for Oxford above

and Cambridge below

After the boat race, I think we may enjoy

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